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star trek

Uhura Earrings


Thanks to Costumersguide.com for the heads-up on this - Entertainment Weekly writes that Uhura's earrings were made by designer Alexis Bittar. They look to me like the lucite "Pod" earrings. They were originally available at shopkikionline.com, and I think they are the "Pod Earring Silver":

"Pod Earring Silver" at Shop Kiki Online ($85):

Alexis Bittar Small Pod earrings at Verbena.net ($85):

She wears at least 3 colours of them that I can see:

The white/silver ones with the Crew Uniform:

Amber ones with her Cadet uniform (there are probably better pictures of this, but I think they show in this ok):

Red ones while out drinking with Kirk:

$85 is too much for me to spend on earrings, but at least this gives a nice idea of the style, and it shouldn't be too hard to find something at a bead store to be a close match.


Oh, nice! Thanks for doing a better job of tracking those down! I'll have to post a link to this update!
Thank you! I really appreciated the heads-up on this. They're quite pretty earrings.